Awaken your Curiosity

Our first new model for 2020, the Curiosity is based on the Nissan NV200, a true 'car replacement' camper van. With 4 belted seats and dimensions perfect for city driving the Axon Curiosity is the perfect multi purpose solution. With 40+mpg the Curiosity is a genuinely cost effective daily driver for the work commute whilst providing the freedom to dash off at the weekend at a moments notice.

The M1 certified rock and roll style bed folds out to 1.92 metres, adjacent to this, the offside furniture pack provides ample storage for two and cooking facilities all neatly packaged into the compact cabinets.

Up front a passenger swivel seat provides additional lounging space and the pop top roof available in a wide range of colours allows for comfortable headroom.

With a standard 75aH leisure battery and dual charge controlled 100 Watt Solar panel, extended wild camping trips are no problem for our little Curiosity!


• 2 Berth 4 belted seats
• Base Vehicle- Nissan NV200
• 1.5D
• Length 4.4m
• Width 1.7/2.02m
• Height 1.85/1.92m
• Towing capacity 1,100kg
• LED Lighting throughout
• Fully insulated habitation area - floor/walls/roof
• Passenger swivel seat
• Blackout screens for cab

Download the full specification here: